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It’s always exciting for any company of actors to sit down with a new script for the first time. And last Thursday Unscene Suffolk drama group did exactly that. The first part of the script for our summer production was distributed by workshop leader and writer, Caroline Roberts. Caroline has been busy writing for the series of characters that the group had been experimenting with and improvising on during our winter workshops.

These workshops allowed us to play around with fairy tale characters and put a different spin on their usually well known stories. What if the Big Bad Wolf really wasn’t all THAT bad? Maybe the ugly sisters aren’t ugly at all, just misunderstood? Perhaps Prince Charming just wants to kick off his riding boots and listen to some tunes, instead of traipsing all over town for a woman that rudely left him halfway through a party through no fault of his own?…Maybe? It was fun to play around and mix up these stories and as the weeks passed characters were formed, ideas were given and a script started to take shape.

Casting for the play had already taken place before the script was available. So everyone knew what character they would be playing, but not what their story line would be. We had played around with these established stories so much in our previous workshops, no one knew how they would all fit together or what version of their characters story would be told. This is where Caroline steps in and expertly makes sense of it all. How can these characters all be together and still be taking a break from their usual storylines? Why a Holiday Camp of course! A fun lively setting, for a fun new play, keeping all of that fairy tale magic.

Now we don’t want to give too much away at this stage, but the initial read through of the first half of the script was a great success. So keep checking our blog to hear of our progress as we aim towards our first on stage performance in 2 years. It’s going to be magical.

Image shows mystery open book with shining pages. Fantasy book with magic light sparkles and stars. Vector illustration
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