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Rehearsals for Unscene Suffolk’s latest project, The Mystery of Syleham Manor, written for us by Pat Whymark, began in January 2020.  We were meeting up in person and having a blast getting to grips with our new set of characters.  All of that stopped in March 2020 when the UK went into lockdown.   Rehearsals for the project ceased, but we were determined that would not to stop us meeting up as a group, so Unscene Suffolk went virtual.  With weekly workshops through the power of Zoom, participants were able to socialise, play drama games and develop improvisation and memory skills.  Plus it was a lot of fun!   

As the lockdown continued, hope for performing The Mystery of Syleham Manor on stage began to fade.  Following months of uncertainty as to when the restrictions on theatres would be lifted, one of our trustees came up with a solution – The Mystery of Syleham Manor would become an audio play.  The Zoom sessions in 2020 had been a success and the group were ready and willing for a new challenge.  So in January 2021 rehearsals resumed, but this time virtually. 

Our rehearsals consist of energy games, professional vocal warm ups, character development and of course read throughs of each scene so that we are word perfect for when we come to record.  Using Zooms break out rooms has been a great help in order to maximise our time and the ability to get through as many scenes as possible in one session.  All being well, and with lockdown easing as it is, we are on track to record The Mystery of Syleham Manor IN PERSON in June!  There is a lot to organise to make sure it is safe and secure for all who attend, but we have an amazing venue on board and of course the staff and volunteers at Unscene Suffolk are doing all they can to ensure the safety of everyone involved.  Exciting times ahead and we look forward to sharing more of this with you soon.

Image shows spooky looking mansion covered in a thick mist. The mansion sits behind black iron gates.

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