Founder Member’s Fundraiser for Unscene Suffolk

One of our fabulous founder members, Clare Burman, has taken on the challenge of travelling the USA’s iconic Route 66, virtually; to raise much needed funds for Unscene Suffolk.

Clare will be indoor cycling and walking with her guide dog Saffron to rack up the 2280.3 miles from Chicago, Illinois to Los Angeles California, and has until July 4th to complete the distance.

Clare explains here why she decided to raise funds for Unscene Suffolk:

During the last year I’m not sure how I would have coped without Unscene Suffolk.

I, like several members of the Unscene group, live alone (many of them have also been shielding) and having weekly online singing and drama sessions, run by Unscene Suffolk, have helped so much to combat the isolation.

Unscene recognised how much more lockdown and social distancing was going to affect the visually-impaired community that they worked quickly to move our regular sessions online and teach us all how to connect in the virtual world. Having that support and maintaining an element of pre-COVID routine was the thing that got me through the first lockdown and has kept me going ever since. We are like a family – always there for one another.

I know that it’s going to be much more challenging to get funding for our drama and singing sessions now, as so many charities and organisations are bidding for such a limited pot, and the usual fundraising events have not been able to take place.

I honestly don’t know what I would do without Unscene Suffolk, so if I can contribute in a small way to keep sessions going by completing this challenge, that would make it all worthwhile – I am after all a bona fide couch potato, so this is going to hurt!”

If you’d like to donate to Clare’s fundraiser and support Unscene Suffolk’s vital work you can do it here. Thank you!

Good luck Clare and thank you so much! You are amazing!

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