Remote Drama Workshops

Things at Unscene Suffolk have changed a lot over the past few months. Like so many other theatre companies our drama workshops and rehearsals are suspended, and our production of ‘The Mystery of Syleham Manor’ has been postponed.

Never ones to give up easily, we have rallied our tech skills and taken our drama workshops online where, after a few weeks, our confidence is growing. What started as a few games and improvisations has grown to an abundance of ideas and ever more ambitious undertakings. Last week we attempted a courtroom drama and, with only a little preparation, the group sustained a brilliant improvisation for near enough the whole session! One of our fantastically talented participants created a short audio clip which you can listen to here.

The current situation has even further increased the isolation already experienced by people with visual impairment and we are pleased that these online sessions are able to provide structure and a sense of normality for our members.

We would like to continue to offer these remote workshops, so if you would like to support us and are able to donate, you can do so at our Virgin Money Giving Page. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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